Axie Infinity Energy Calculator

Your Axie infinity swiss knife. All in one tracking tool for Axie Infinity players.

What is Axie Infinity Energy Calculator?

This tool will help you better strategize your match in the arena inside the NFT game Axie Infinity.

How to use this Energy Calculator?

The Axie Energy Calculator is not just an "Energy Calculator" anymore. The tool has evolved by the help of its active users. With the help of this tool, you can now track your energy consumption in the arena. You can also keep track your Win, Loss, and Draw in the Arena. Also, an SLP (Smooth Love Potion) tracker and a card tracking tool has been added.

To increment a value, you can just tap the buttons and tap on the labels to decrease the value. More in-depth tutorial will be published soon. For now, the following shortcut keys are present:

  • q - deduct 1 energy used
  • w - add 1 energy used
  • a - deduct 1 energy gain
  • s - add 1 energy gain
  • z - deduct 1 energy destroyed
  • x - add 1 energy destroyed
  • space - end turn
  • enter - reset
  • b - undo

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Axie Infinity Energy Calculator

Your Axie infinity swiss knife. All in one tracking tool for Axie Infinity players.

Arena now seems to be the main source of Smooth Love Potion (SLP) in Axie Infinity. With the latest update, PVP is now becoming more competitive and more decisive or critical. One of the common strategies that will help you improve your chances of winning in the Arena is through Energy Calculation. This is done by counting the energy used, gained, and lossed by your opponent for each round in the Arena.

This will help you strategically optimize your energy consumption and it could also help you predict your opponent's next move when battling in the Arena. Remembering the energy of your opponents is sometimes challenging or nerve-racking. Sometimes, when playing, we get distracted with many things and because of that we lose track of our energy calculation. That's where this Axie Energy Calculator comes handy. With the help of this tool, you will keep track of your opponents Energy consumption with just few clicks.

Right now, The Axie Energy Calculator, is not just an "Energy Calculator" anymore. The tool has evolved progressively since the time it was created with the help of its active users in the Axie Community. The Axie Energy Calculator now has an Arena Tracker, SLP Tracker and a Card Tracker. The Arena Tracker will let you keep track of your Win, Loss, and Draw in the Arena. Using the SLP Tracker, you can compute the SLP you have earned in the Arena. And lastly, the Card Tracker will let track the number of cards your opponent has for each round during your battle in the arena.


As of the moment, we have three variations of the Energy calculator. We have simple, standard, and advance calculator.


The simple calculator is composed of the Energy Buttons (plus and minus), End Turn button, Reset Button and the Undo Button. The simple energy calculator also has an Arena Tracker. In order to keep track of your opponent's energy, you simply click on the plus or minus button. You add one energy whenever your opponent uses/loses energy. And you click on the minus button whenever your opponent gains an energy. Click on the "End Turn" button to calculate your opponents energy for the next round. The tool will do it's magic after you hit the "End Turn" button. You can click on the "Undo" button whenever you commit mistakes after hitting the "End Turn" button. You can only revert back each round once. When you finish a match, you click on the "Reset" button to reset the calculator.

For the Arena tracker, When you finish a match just simply click on the "W" button if you won a game, "L" when you lose, and "D" when the match is a draw. If you mistakenly added values in the Arena Tracker, you can simply tap on the it's associated label to deduct a value. You can also reset the Arena Tracker by clicking on the clear button below the "D" button.

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The standard energy calculator is somewhat similar to the simple energy calculator. The main difference is that in the Simple Energy Calculator, we use only two buttons to either add or deduct energy used/losed by your opponents while in the Standard Energy Calculator, there are now 3 sets of options to keep track of yoru opponents energy consumptions. The first set of buttons is for the energy used, you simply add whenever your opponent uses an energy. Then you can simply click on the minus button if you have clicked the add button wrongly. The second set is for the Energy Gained( when your opponent gains an energy you just simply update it's value). And the last one is for the Energy Destroyed ( updated it's value when ever your opponent's energy got destroyed).


The Advance Energy Calculator, is an improvised version of the Standard Energy Calculator. The main difference between the Advance Energy Calculator and the Standard Energy Calculator is that, the Advance Energy Calculator has an SLP Tracker and a Card Tracker. The energy calculation works similar to the standard Energy Calculator.

axie energy calculator anatomy

SLP Tracker

To use the SLP Calculator, you simply tap on the SLP Icon, floating on the left side of the calculator. A mini calculator will popout after clicking the SLP Icon. You simply input your SLP gained for each match in the arena in the SLP Calculator. The SLP calculator will create a summation of your gained SLP.

Card Tracker

The Card Tracker is to keep track on how many cards does your opponent have for every round in each match. You simply click on the card icon floting in the right side of the calculator to show/hide the options for you to track your opponent's cards. Whenever the opponent uses a card, you add 1 to the "Use Card" setting by clicking on the "Use" button which is located floating on the right side of the Advance Energy Calculator. If you have accidentally tapped the button too many times, you can click on the label beside it to deduct its value. Click on the "Draw" button whenever the opponent draws a card and Click on the "Discard" button whenver he/she discards a card. Same thing, click on the label beside the button if you commit mistakes. The calculator will do the computation for the cards after you hit the "End Turn" button. The card tracker will also reset when the "Reset" button is pressed. The cards for each round will be displayed in the right side of the screen.

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